Friday, April 4, 2014

5 March Highlights We Missed

I can't believe that its April.  March just started, how can it be over?!  The saddest part about this month flying by so fast is that there was so much I wanted to share that I didn't.  So here are 5 ranch highlights we missed!

1.  We got a new silencer chute!  This chute is so quiet, so smooth, and so much safer.  No one will get conked on the head or hands pinched.  We won't be bruising shoulders on the calves that we are selling.  We won't choke down the cows and they won't come crawling through.  Ya, we are really excited!  Its like Christmas for these cowboys!


2.  With spring upon us, we are gearing up for planting.  I batted my eyes just right and convinced The Rancher to take us with him to by the new seed.  Getting seed is pretty uneventful really, (unless you are a little boy and then its awesome!) but it was a great way to have a day on the town.  It was still a ranch day on the town, not like a fun-shopping-at-the-mall day on the town.  But I think I would rather hit up CAL Ranch than the mall anyway... So on top of getting the seed, we grabbed a few parts, terrorized a few tractor stores and had a shopping spree at the vet clinic.  Still not terribly exciting, but I got a cool picture I wanted to share!

3.  We bought a new little mare!  The Rancher's Sidekick has started to call my old horse his.  I find myself horseless... So we bought me a new one.  She ten and hasn't hardly been ridden... but she is gentle.  I don't think she even knows how to buck.  The Rancher commented that she has no gas, no steering and no manners, but other than that its all good.  Slowly we are learning things and I'm excited!  We'll see what summer brings!

4.  While we were in Leadore for the bull sale, we spent some time at the ranch that my brother runs.  Its fun to go back there because that's where The Rancher and I met.  And where we worked when we were first married.  We jumped in the new side-by-side and took a spin around the ranch, guided by my nieces (ages 9 and 7...).  And by guided I mean they gave us the low down on EVERYTHING on the ranch.  Gotta love cute little ranch girls!

5.  Our neighbor needed help branding and of course, being the good neighbors we are, we jumped in to help.  There weren't too many calves to do, so at the end of the day I took a chance to rope!  I got on The Rancher's trusty mare and roped myself a few calves.  I'm a real cowgirl now!  One of the calves I roped was already branded... but it still counts as a catch, right?  I have a whole new appreciation for ropers- its so much harder to do than it looks!

There are still hundreds of pictures and stories to go along that I haven't shared.  Maybe we will have a slow day (ya right!) and we can do a throwback day!  Until then, this will have to suffice!

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