Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Planting a Seed or Two

When we were in college, The Rancher worked for an operation that did just as much (or more) farm work as it did ranch work.  The Rancher was always a pretty decent farmer, but after working for the Millers, he turned into a dang good farmer.  And every spring that farmer comes out of him when there is a little farm work to do!  Maybe these days I should call him The Farmer...

We don't do a lot of "farm" work to put up the acres and acres of hay or grain.  We do it mostly when we rotate our crops.  In the fall we will dig up a section of alfalfa that needs replanted or the grain that was alfalfa the year before (does it sound like I'm talking in circles? like crop circles... haha!).  Ok... we dig up the alfalfa, plant grain, harvest the grain, dig up the grain, and plant new alfalfa.  Phew...

Anyway, we dig, or plow, up in the fall so it is ready for planting in the spring. 

Now that it is spring, they have pulled out farming equipment, starting with the roller harrow.  The roller harrow is used to break up the clumps and make the ground ready for the seed.  It also has a drag behind it to get rid of any weeds or such that we don't want left in.  Once the harrowing is done, we are pretty well ready to plant.

Just a few weeks ago we picked up the seed (one of those things we had to catch up on...).  The nice sunny weather was a good indicator that is was finally time to plant, but when The Rancher hooked up to the drill (the planter) I knew it was the day.  The day to plant a seed or two!

Planting is one of those ranch things we do with a little faith and little prayer.  We want to plant as early as possible to get a good start to the crops.  If we have to replant again in the spring we lose valuable growing time.  We won't really know if everything went right with the planting for a few weeks when we finally see the green sprouting through.  Doing this every year we have a good idea when we are planting how it will turn out, but there is still those few days that we might wonder.

We took the chance to have a family tractor drive this week while we were planting (and while grandpa was leveling the other, other field...).  I really should have taken a picture of us in there.  You will just have to picture for a minute- The Rancher is driving and I am in the "instructor's" seat (because I really am the boss, right?!).  The dog is crammed in the corner and our kids are moving from side to side (and under dad's legs) playing with their tractors.  Of course there is an awesome pile of dirt and dust on the floor to play in, not to mention the seed that The Rancher's Sidekick grabbed from the drill.  It's likely that if someone spilled some water in there, something would start sprouting!

I'm sure we are a silly, squishy, filthy looking bunch, but I don't know if you could find a happier bunch!

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