Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Changing Sprinklers with The Rancher's Wife (because I LOVE it!)

My high school summer work was working for a neighbor on his ranch (no surprises, right?).  Every morning we would start the day moving the wheel lines and a few hand lines.  I loved it.  Every part. 
I'm not really sure why- maybe it was knowing that the work we were doing was growing the hay we would harvest.  Maybe it was doing a job that I could do well.  I would say that it was playing in the water, put at that time in the morning the water was COLD.  I actually wonder if I didn't love it because it was one of the times that my OCD-ness really came in handy- straight wheel lines, unplugged nozzles, the birds standing upright...
It has its bad moments- like when you have to get the heavy mover through the ditch and you fall in.  Ya... not so cool.  Or you have a riser blow its top, continually.  In fact, I have an Instagram buddy say Irrigation=Irritation.  So true. 
But still... I loved and still love moving sprinklers.  And The Rancher loves that I love it.  Its not too hard to hard to get me to come help and make the work go a little faster (isn't that what every rancher wants in a wife?).  Thankfully, he does it in the evenings when I can help out (and not egg cold!).  He'll go in one direction to work on a line while I turn off another.  We jump between the different lines to get them drained, moved and the pressured up again.  Of course along the way there are seals to fix, drains and nozzles to replace, or lines to wash out.  It seems that something always needs a little fixing...
Doing this together for a few years we have learned a few things- bring the bag of tools, have a stash of oil and gas, and always wear water boots- even when you shouldn't be in the water... because Murphy's Law is a part of changing sprinklers!

** Funny side note- when I asked The Rancher's Sidekick what I should title this post he said, "Um... Lemonade!"  Yes, it is a sprinkler changing, lemonade sippin' spring day at our house.  Summer is on its way!

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