Friday, May 9, 2014

Delicious, Home-Cooked Steak Dinner

Sunday is Mother's Day, and I hope you have big plans for pampering the mother's in your lives.  Maybe you'll do a little breakfast in bed, beautiful spring flowers, some chocolates maybe or how about a nice dinner to say thank you.

Growing up it was my mom that pulled together those nice holiday meals that added just the right touch to the day.  Not to say that dad couldn't, but it was mom's forte.  That usually meant that when it came to Mother's Day we were already starting without our MVP.  I don't want you to fall short this Mother's Day, so here is a SUPER easy, delicuious and easy meal to show the mom's in your life just how much you care!

At our house you can never go wrong with a nice steak dinner.  And when you cook them on the grill, its minimal mess which means minimal clean up (for you... because momma isn't doing dishes on Mother's Day, remember?).

The most important step in making this isn't going to be at home- its at the grocery store.  A good steak isn't made with the rubs, seasonings, or marinades (although they do make for some awesome added flavor!).  Its how that calf was grown (ok, so really its starts on the ranch, but you don't have much control over that!).  At the meat counter, take the time to choose a steak with good color and good marbling- the little flecks of fat that are in the meat.  This is where you get your flavor and what makes a steak tender.  Factor in the cut, or the type of steak, that you are getting.  Choose one that is from the rib area.  Steaks that come from places like the shoulder tend to be a less tender.  Personally, my favorite is a T-bone... yep... I love T-bone steak.

Once you get your steak home the stage is set for some incredible eating with only a little bit of work.  Get the grill hot and ready to go and when its hot, its time to get cooking.

After putting the steaks on the grill, add a little salt.  Partially for flavor, but also because that helps to keep the juicy flavor in the steak.  A LONG time ago you learned about how water follows salt in some science class, right?  This is when you are finally gonna use what you learned!

Let it cook for a good 1-2 minutes and then turn in 45 degrees to give it that criss-cross look.  Besides looking so professional (which is what we're going for, right?!), those lines are seared, which sort of caramelizes the surface and locks in more of that delicious flavor!

Once you rotate your steak, let it grill for another 2-3 minutes and then flip and repeat.  A little more salt for flavor AND to keep your steak moist.  This time we like to add a little more seasonings- just some pepper and good ol' seasoning salt (at this house, sometimes less is more!).  After its cooked for a minute or two, rotate.  Give it another good couple of minutes and then you're done! 

Unless you're going for a well-done cooked steak.  Then you're not done.  Keep cooking...

Timing is important to cooking steaks.  You don't want to under cook your meat, pull it off and then have to start over.  Ideally, you only want to flip your steak once.  But the opposite is possible- over cooking.  I'm not a fan of burnt steak... or a dry steak.  I don't know about you, but pink in the middle is perfect.

But however your momma likes it, is what we're going for.  And no matter how that is, she is gonna love your delicious, home-cooked steak dinner.  Add some steamed veggies and some fresh watermelon and you will rule the day! 

Because really, don't all the mom's in your life deserve nothing but your best?

Happy Mother's Day! (early...)


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