Thursday, May 15, 2014

DIY Rope Clock

There is a good story that goes with this fun little craft.  Get comfy, because it is sorta long.  I understand if you just want to skip to the end...

I have decorated The Rancher's Sidekick in cowboy-ness (a far stretch for your imagination, I'm sure...).  Its really been needing a little more umph and he had been begging for a clock.  I figured, perfect way to add a litter bit of cowboy to perk up the room.  I was so sure that he would love it.


After he told me that he wanted the rope off and that it looked, "not great..." I figured that when he saw the finished product he would think it was so cool, so I went on.  And really, I didn't want to quit.  I knew the potential awesome-ness that was about to happen!

So I finished and showed it to him.  Still "not great." He quickly told me that I had to take off the rope.  Actually that sounds like he was calm.  Oh no, The Rancher's Sidekick was in a complete meltdown because I had "roped" his clock and he didn't want it like that.  In my attempts to make him stop, I just put it away and moved on.

But he didn't... 15 minutes later he comes to me, totally calm but with his little mischievous smile.  Then he shows me the clock with out the rope!  He completely ripped the rope off!  Grr!  I was so frustrated.  And now I'm over, so I made a new one.  Even better, The Rancher's Sidekick is over- ya he loves it now!  What a goober!   
If you are gonna make a rope clock you are going to need a rope...

And you will need a clock (I got a cheap one at Walmart).

The get gluing.  I used my favorite glue gun, of course!

Just keep going around and around... Until you decide your done. Or run out of rope!  Ta Da!  You have a rope clock- functional and fashionable!


  1. Funny what little sidekicks can decide to like or not like and when they then decide to like something. I can see one if not two of my little ones doing the same thing. :) Great project!

    Thanks for joining this weeks Country Fair Blog Party!
    Laurie - Country Link

  2. Looks great! I need a clock in our horse trailer and this is something i think i could actually do!