Monday, May 5, 2014

God Given Green

You probably already know this, but ranchers are God fearing people.  We have been through too much to not give credit to a higher power.  There have been too many almosts, close calls, and "if I was one step closer!" moments.  I'm pretty sure that the fact that ranchers keep going year after year is evidence that they believe that there is someone out there that will make it better.

Not too long ago there were hundreds of thousands of ranchers, farmers, and families praying for rain and praying for this draught to end.  But there is one prayer I have to tell you about from one humble cowboy that strengthened determination to keep asking for the rain.

This prayer was given at a conference where he was asked to give the blessing on the food. He began with the usual stuff, like any other ordinary prayer.  But then he began thanking God for the heritage and legacy of ranching. He was thankful for the calling to be stewards over the land and for the opportunities to pass it all on to our children.  Then with a humble, yet strong plead, that cowboy prayed for rain and for the resources we ranchers need to feed the world.  And it was that last little bit that struck me.

I think a lot of times we pray for the rain for our own skin- and rightfully so.  If we don't get the rain, there is no way our operations can continue.  If we go too long without rain, we will lose the means to provide for our families.  But this rancher was thinking bigger than himself, or even his neighbors.  He saw the bigger picture of what we do as ranchers.  Because the rain means more than just supporting and feeding my family, it means feeding so many other families.  Sure, there are other ranchers that produce beef and if we were to go under there would still be meat in the market.  But it might make a difference for one family somewhere around the world. 

Do you want to know what ranchers do?  Ranchers fight world hunger.  They put out there a super nutritious, affordable (and delicious) product that people need.  And that is why we are praying for rain.  We pray that we will have the resources to feed world.

I think that someone out there is listening, because we are getting rain.  A little at a time, we are getting the rain.  The alfalfa is starting to grow, the new seeding is sprouting, and even the sage brush is turning a little green (its been brown for a long, long while...).  Yep, I'm a God-fearing woman- because that is the only way that we will be able to feed the world.


  1. Hi Allison,
    I saw your link on the County Fair blog hop.

    Thank Your for sharing thoughts on "the bigger picture." The same idea has crossed my mind and you did a great job putting it into words.

    Glad you hear you have received some much needed moisture. My parents ranch in south central NE and they are dry too. My Husband and I ranch in the north western part of SD and we are wet. Currently, we are thankful for warm sunny days.

  2. After a break from the moisture we are again getting some here today in Missouri. We rely on the rain so much, that you are right, it takes God-fearing people to do this line of work.

    Have a blessed day Allison and thank you for joining the County Fair Blog Party week #11.
    Laurie - County Link