Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day: Celebrating Their Memory

Happy Memorial Day! 

It’s terrible to admit, but I don’t remember ever really doing too much to celebrate this day when I grew up.  We would do a little family cook out and do some fun-ness at home.  I’m sure that my dad just wanted to have a stay-cation rather than do anything big.  And we lived on a ranch- there is always work to be done! 

In fact, it seemed that every Memorial Day was the day to move cows.  Of course we moved them down that one road that led to the cemetery.  Happy Memorial day- have fun dodging the cow pies on your way!

Memorial Day is a day to remember and celebrate the memory of folks that have passed and the life they made for us.  So often, and appropriately so, we celebrate our passed loved ones and we remember the brave military men, women, and their courageous families.  Those in the military literally put everything on the line, making a stand for what they know to be right.  I am so thankful for their choice to serve!

But I’m also thankful and wish to celebrate the memory of those that had the courage to leave everything to come and settle the west.  The pioneer spirit of those cowboys brought so much more than what they could have ever expected.  They were willing to pay whatever cost for the ranch life with open ranges and big sky. 

I can’t imagine life being anything but hard for them.  They didn’t have the luxuries we have like farm equipment, wheel lines, bull wagons, or 4 wheelers.  Instead they had a horse and plow… and themselves.  They worked every day just to survive another year.  Men would leave their families for months at a time to take the cows to the sale.  Families worked long hard hours to keep their meager farms afloat.  What’s amazing is that despite how hard it was, they didn’t give up! 

Imagine what our world would be like if the rough west would have beaten the cowboys and farmers.  Those men, those families changed our history, changed my history.  What a memorable legacy they left behind.  And what a great day to celebrate their memory!   

Who’s memory are you celebrating today?

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