Wednesday, May 28, 2014

High School Rodeo with Cowboy E

Weekends in April and May are chuck full of high school rodeo.  They rodeo Friday night and Saturday morning.  Of course they coincide with so many branding and cattle drives which means we don't get to watch Cowboy E as much as we would like.  Last weekend we were able to finally make it to his District Rodeo, the last of the season before the state rodeo.
We definitely were not disappointed.  The boy won the team roping that night!  He is the header of his team, partly because his partner ropes left handed.  Its so crazy to watch them!  And super interesting to the things they do to adapt to a lefty. 
Besides going to watch our boy, Cowboy E, I love to watch the rough stock.  I don't cheer for the bulls, but I love watching them when they are rank!

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