Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Crazy Heifer That Didn't Want a CIDR

We keep saying that things are slowing down, but I think it is just wishful thinking.  The branding is done, the cows are moved out, but now we are hauling for other ranches.  We are working to get the wheel lines running.  And now its time to start getting the bulls turned out and the heifers AIed.  Really, we should never say its slowing down.

But I'm ok with that.  My sister (that lives in NYC) told me that a busy life is a fun life, because a boring life is just, well... lame. 

This week's adventure- helping put CIDRs in the heifers.  (If you're wondering what CIDRs are and why we use them, check out last year's post!) We actually didn't do too much help.  The Rancher didn't tell me they were starting.  I think he thinks he can do this with without me... Should I be worried?!
Running the heifers through the chute can be a little exciting.  They are still young and inexperienced to this stuff.  Plus I don't blame them for not wanting the CIDR put in.  Sure an oversized, IUD is great to make sure that they don't get pregnant and will cycle at the right time, but what girl really WANTS that?  So they go wild and crazy... all the time.  I swear all of them try jumping out somewhere along the way- the holding tub, the alley, the chute...  They jump on each other, over each other, back into each other.  Its almost exhausting just to watch!  But we are kinda used to it...

Actually we did have a few tense moments.  There was one wild girl that tried jumping over the top.  As she came back down, her hoof got caught on the alley stop (it keeps them from going backwards).  How she managed it, I really don't know but it was stuck and cutting her hoof.  Plus it was pulling her back leg up into a really awkward position.  She of course went more crazy, trying to get herself loose.  The heifer behind her started to climb over her, getting out of the ruckus.  Can you say pile up?

We had to push the heifers in the behind her back in the tub (which in itself was a chore because there seems to be only one direction with cows).  The Rancher jump up on the alley panels and pulled the stuck heifer backwards (by her tail of course) while The Ranch Boss pried the bars apart so that Rancher Sr. could shove her hoof out.  And they got it... phew! 

Once again we adverted disaster!  Its always an adventure on the ranch.

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