Friday, June 27, 2014

A Big Ride for a Little Cowboy

 Being only four years old doesn't stop this little boy from believing that he can do ANYTHING he wants to do, or more importantly- what his dad is doing.  He is called The Rancher's Sidekick for a reason- he goes everywhere and does everything with his dad.  The first thing he says in the morning (after his request for hot cocoa!) is "where is dad?"  And no matter what dad is doing, he is distraught that he was left behind.
Until last week.
The cowboys were moving the heifer pairs to new pasture not far from the ranch.  Being the awesome mom that I am (and with The Rancher giving the idea) I loaded up The Rancher's Sidekick's horse and headed out after herd. 
We caught up to the bunch and before I could park the truck, my little cowboy was scrambling out of the truck to get his horse out.  He had one request- I want to ride by myself, and nobody pull me!  Can you say independent? As nervous as I was (because I'm still a mom and the ground is pretty far down...) we handed him the reigns and let him go!
It was somewhat of a moment for me to watch him ride off following his dad.  Here is my firstborn showing his momma that he is growing up.  And as much as I'm not read for that, there is no other way that I would rather him do it than as a cowboy!
I just kept thinking, how many boys have this chance?  Go to work with dad, everyday?  How many little boys get to ride with his dad, grandpa, and great grandpa?  How many little boys get to live their dreams of being a cowboy before they have ever gone to school?
Of course he is a crazy four year old that spent more time picking his nose than watching the cows.  But the great thing was that he was there, in the middle of all of it.  We don't live on the sidelines out here.  We live in the thick of it all!


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  1. This is adorable! He's definitely a natural. And what a good horse he's mounted on!