Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Making the Cut When it Counts

This summer is just flying by!  I feel like we just barely moved cows up to Badger Hole last week… Ya, they are already long gone from that range!  Sadly, I am just now getting to share it to you. 

The ride to Badger Hole is pretty easy.  That’s why The Rancher’s Sidekick got to go…  They just follow the road for a few miles and then, ta da! We’re there. 

Once we get there the cows bury their heads in the grass and totally forget about their calves.  Ya, know… the typical thing they do once they get to greener feed.  We like to hold them there at the water for a bit until they settle in and remember their calves.  We’ll sort the pairs off slowly to make sure that all the calves have found their mommas. 

Towards the end of sorting we have the less than smart cows left that try to give us a fight.   Those ornery cows just don’t want to be bothered! Crazy at it may sound, it makes it a little fun.  The cowboys have a chance to do a little cutting and show off some real cowboy skills!  There is such a rush when you take off after a cow and have to stop in an instant to change directions.  With a good horse that knows how to move you just slide down in the saddle, glue yourself in, and let her do all the work!  I love watching a horse that knows what to do.  You can see it in how she follows the cow with her ears pinned back, how she spins on her back feet or stops on a dime.  Mmm…  It makes me swoon just thinking about it!

Cutting athleticism at its finest!  Watching a cowboy and his horse working together, making split second decisions and moving fast and smooth out on the range, watching out in God’s arena the way it was meant to be- making the cut when it matters.

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