Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2014 Stone Rodeo

Raise your hand if you have heard of the Stone rodeo.  Ok, don't really.  Someone is going to think you are crazy... but good for you if you have!  If you haven't, now you are!
The Stone rodeo, practically a Holy Day in this area.  Stone, Idaho is the tiny gathering of homes and ranches near Snowville, Utah and good ol' Holbrook.  The community is so small that there isn't a single church, bar, post office, or gas station.  But any good town full of cowboys will have some rodeo grounds!  But don't let the small town setting make you think that this isn't a quality rodeo.  Or the fact that the square arena is closer to an egg shaped!  Amateur rodeo or not, they ride hard, rope hard, and sometimes fall hard!
These rodeo grounds are used just the two nights of the Stone rodeo.  Now days the bleachers are all permanent, but back in the day they had to haul in seating.  Except for those that bring their own, and I don't mean a camp or lawn chair.  Days before the rodeo, the arena is lined with pick-ups reserving their spot and getting them front row seats! 
The events at the rodeo are entertaining for everyone to watch or participate.  We have roping for all the hometown cowboys, rough stock for the crazies and dreamers (aka The Buckaroo), milk calves for the kids, and wild horse riding for the brave (or drunk...)!   Every year I can guarantee two nights of hand-clapping-side-ache-laughing-country-good-time-fun!


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