Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bringing the Party Home- Team Branding in Malad

Team branding.  By this time of the summer we are counting down how many are left.  If the heifers could count, I'm pretty sure that they, too, would be on the count down.  The team branding for our fair has to be one of the favorites for me.

Part of it is because we don't have to travel a long ways.  Phew... For once the stock contractor doesn't out drive the cowboys.  But the best part that since it is local we see so many of our great friends and neighbors!  Normally at the end I am just praying for these things to get over because we are all tired, cranky, bored, and someone has most likely gotten hurt.  But not in Malad. I'm so stinking busy doing fair board stuff, helping with the heifers, taking pictures, visiting with friends and watching my own kids.  Scratch that last one... with so many friends around, everyone else is playing with my babies that it seems like I hardly see them!

Prepare yourselves for a lot of pictures.  Not all are that fantastic... I blame the light and the timing.  If only I could be in charge of the timing of this shin-dig... But alas, I'm not.  So deal with it.  I would rather share these photos that might not be my best than not show them at all! :)

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