Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Love me a Little Rodeo

Naturally, I love rodeos. Everything about them.  I love the crazy rough stock (occaisionally I cheer for them instead of the cowboy) and I love to see a good ride.  I love fast roping, especially now that I have a new appreciation for the art since I started.  I even love the crazy rodeo clowns and their terrible, intermittent jokes.  And as terrible as it is, I love watching the bull fighters run for their lives! 

There is just something about the energy in the air at a rodeo that makes me smile.

I guess there is one thing that I don't love... That's the terrible lighting at a night rodeo.  I just never manage to get good pictures by the end of the show.  Especially when I don't have all of the equipment I would love to have or I don't have close up access (but I'm really ok not being in the arena with those crazy critters!). 

Never the less, I do have some fun, great photos from the IMPRA Rodeo when it came to town!


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