Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oneida County Steer Show

Tonight we are hitting up the Easter Idaho State Fair, a big highlight of our fall.  I'm not sure why we love fairs so much- maybe its the food, or the free entertainment, or that we can wear our cowboy duds and totally fit in.  Whatever it is, we can't get enough and hit up as many of the local fairs as we possibly can!  In fact, it will be our 4th fair in just about as many weeks! 

I big believer in fairs... obviously as now I am on our country fair board.  I really feel like it has a lot to give it the community and especially its youth.  The time, effort, sacrifice, and responsibility it takes for kids to commit and then follow through on all of their projects is huge.  Parents and leaders put in a lot of time to help teach skills to the up and coming generation of ranchers, gardeners, sewers, bakers, photographers, canners, and hopefully leaders.  Yep, I'm sounding a little stuffy and frumpy... but when you take away the rides and rodeos, what you have left is kids learning and showing what they can do.  I love it!

Every year I look forward to the steer show.  I was big into showing (can you imagine me NOT going big in anything I do?!).  I loved taking the time to wash, clip and fit  my steer.  The show ring meant game time and I wanted to win.  And sometimes I did.  Now that I don't get to (their really frown upon a grown woman commandeering the steer show!), I like to jump in and help give a few of my tips and tricks to the next group of showman.  Who knows if they even want to hear what I have to say, but at least I feel like I get to keep my foot in the ring one way! 

But really, these kids don't need me.  They (hopefully!) have been working and preparing all summer for this day, and as you can see, one way or another, they nailed it!

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