Thursday, September 11, 2014

Throw Back Thursday: Cattle Drive From May

Remember that terrible cattle drive?  That one where there were more cows out in the fields than on the road... I wish I didn't... That adventurous day was day one of two of our cattle drive.  I know what you are thinking (ok maybe you're not thinking this...) that if day was so bad, day two must have been horendous and that is why I have to do a little "throw back Thursday" to catch you up on it.  

Nope, on all accounts.  Day two went as smooth as... it was GREAT!  Granted, we did have a good road to follow, fences on all sides, lots of cowboys, and a shorter drive.  But hey, it was good!  We will take it any way that we can!  

And lets say we learned a little from day one. The Rancher just started the day with a motor bike.  We called up The Buckaroo who brought along his sweetheart and a bull whip.  Both highly useful, just one more so than the other (just to be clear, his girl really is quite the cowgirl!)  And I opted to not try a photo shoot on the run.  I went with the 4 wheeler, kids and camera- its a lot less pressure!

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