Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Weaning Anxiety

Oh weaning... A time that we love and hate. I should say I and not speak for the others. I love the days out riding, sorting and working the cattle through the chute. It's awesome to see the growth that they've had over the summer and the satisfaction to see your hard work paying off.

But there is a flip side. Weaning is stressful on calves. It can be super stressful. Ideally you don't change terrain or feed too much. You try to not work them too hard or even haul them long distances if you can manage. But when your calves are NOT at the home ranch you bite the bullet and do all those things. The hard thing is stressed calves can turn into sick calves. Sick calves don't eat so well. Sick calves can become super sick calves. And super sick calves can die. What we don't want... 

Whatever we are doing, whether it's sorting, moving, vaccinating or feeding, we take care to keep these calves running healthy. We only have to make it 45 days (give or take) and in that time we pack on the pounds and keep all healthy so we can turn a good profit. These calves are our payday... Now dont think I'm talking about getting rich off these babies. What I'm really talking about is earning enough to keep doing what we love. 

So for the next month or so, there is a little more tension, a little more anxiety, and a lot more prayers that our efforts everyday haven't been in vain and that we can continue this cowboy living. 


  1. Weaning is a natural process. Why are you making it sound so complicated? Weaning your home raised calves should be easy as 1,2,3. Without realizing it you just admitted to not having much stockmanship skill. Fix that, and your calves will thank you

  2. Dear anonymous,

    I didn't read anything about an admittance of lack of stockmanship skill, intentional or unintentional. Calves like good manners though. Fix that, and then maybe some of your weaning advice would be warranted.