Monday, October 13, 2014

Checking Out the Calf Crop

Every time we look out towards the fields we see the beautiful green speckled with the black of the calves.  Its a beautiful sight...  Actually, the contrast of the beautiful green with the black really is pretty.  But there is a different beauty.  The beauty of a year's hard work.  The beauty of the rain that has blessed this valley with the feed we desperately need.  The beauty of the healthy calves eating and energetically running through the field. Truly, a beautiful sight.

Throughout the week, we will take several trips through the calves- checking the feed, the mineral and salt, and the overall health.  Its a little routine, but at the same time its a fun little drive we take as a family.  We spend a good part of the time yelling at the dogs to not chase the calves (who invites the dogs anyway?).  That usually follows with them trying to jump on the 4 wheeler, where there is NO room for any extras.  Just picture the Beverly Hillbillies... Now that the calves are really beginning to settle in, they have become quite curious.  They'll follow us around or chase the dogs, but as soon as we make a sudden move they take off to the other end of the pasture, just to turn back around.  Any typical curious child, right? 

These calves have really taken to the mineral and salt that we have been putting out.  We are doing everything we can to supplement their feed so that we can get them all the nutrients they need for healthy growing.  That means that on a lot of our family drives through the calves we are also loaded down with bags and bags of mineral.  How is the picture you are creating in your mind?  No, no one has fallen off...yet...  But do go so far as to imagine that dumping the mineral in the troughs is a highlight for the kids because it is SUPER fun to play in!

This is the time of year we take a little pride in the hard work we have put throughout the year to raise this calf crop.  A little drive through the calves has such a sweet smell of satisfaction!

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