Friday, October 10, 2014

Vaccinating in the Rain

We gathered... we sorted... we weaned... we hauled... and then we vaccinated.  Not all ranchers do it, but we do.  Its like with kids- not everyone has to, not everyone chooses to but we think its well worth it.  There are two times a year that we have all of the calves gathered up that we can give them their vaccinations- branding and weaning.

In the few years that we have been back to the ranch this is one of those areas that I have really jumped in to help.  Maybe that was because the first year we weaned I was big and pregnant and that was about all I could do.  But there is the nerdy medical side of me (the one that likes to think that I can be part of the at-home-vet crew) that likes to give shots... I don't know why I've settled myself in here, but I did...

Having the new chute was so nice.  So so SO nice!  It was fast, it had an awesome neck bar so I could give shots without my hand potentially getting hurt, and even better we didn't hurt any calves like we have in the past with the old chute.  Thanks Moly Mfg. for the Silencer!

One of our vaccinating days we had to wait for a break in the rain.  Lucky enough we got a few good hours of dry work in before the rain stared again.  But the rain didn't dampen any spirits.  Especially any of our little helpers.  These kids of mine love to come and help and don't mind being hours at the chute with bawling calves.  In fact, they each find a hot shot or a stick and find a place to poke the calves as we go through. 

It was a great few days vaccinating, but its great that its over.  They've had their booster shots and now its time for them to grow, grow, grow!

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