Friday, October 24, 2014

Wanted: Good Fall Pasture

Have I mentioned how thankful we are for rain?  We are so thankful for the rain!  Its been incredible what the rain has done for us this fall.  The most recent realization of its awesomeness is that with all of the growth that has come from the rain we have found ourselves in some what of a dilemma.  OK, not a dilemma really, but more of an interesting situation that we haven't seen...

Every fall when the calves are weaned and we are done with the summer pasture we look for fall pasture.  The more fall pasture means that we can leave our cows out longer and not have to feed them at the home ranch.  Really, that never happens but some years finding enough pasture has been a slight issue.

But not this year!  We have had calls from so many farmers and ranchers saying that they have great regrowth after their last cutting and would have plenty of feed for our cattle to go through the fall on.  In fact, there are some farmers with wheat fields with winter wheat in that may be growing too much (so much it might not make it through the winter!) and want us to knock it down a little.  Can you say blessed?!  Oh, how we love the rain!

So a week after weaning the calves off, we gathered off 150 cows of the forest group and hauled them out for some good fall pasture.  And honestly, we hope not to make the return trip with them for a good long time!

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