Saturday, December 20, 2014

Little Lemhi, Idaho- My First Happily Ever After

Lemhi, Idaho will always have a special place in my heart.  Mostly the ranch that my brother worked on.  Why?  Good question... I'll tell you.

This is the place I met my cowboy.

I always said I would marry a cowboy but then when I went to college, there were no cowboys around.  I was interested in the nursing program at BYU- a school where there is nothing remotely close to an animal science or ag business programs.  See.. ya... no cowboys.  It was a little much for this country girl so I would head up to my brother's to visit, ride my horse, and get out of the city.  It so happened that The Rancher thought that Lemhi would be a great place to do an internship and took a semester there.  We met.  We played.  We worked.  We checked cows until midnight.  I though nothing would come from it because he didn't even come say by as I left that first weekend I met him.  That was until I got a call from my sister in law warning me that The Rancher had asked my brother for my phone number!  Too scared to ask me, but not too scared to ask his boss for his sisters number... Boys...

So we romanced and fell in love and got married.  Then we moved to the ranch!  We worked on the ranch the first 8 months before we went back to school.  It was like a long honey moon- we just worked and played with practically no one else around (have you heard of Lemhi?  No?  That's because its suuuuper small.  LOVE IT!).

Now when we go to visit I always think of those great few years where The Rancher and I got our start.  In some ways it will always be home because that it where we had our first home.  I love to take time to drive around the valley and the ranch to just take it all in.  This was the beginning of my happily ever after!

Cousins make the best of friends! How many boys does it take to open a gate?...

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  1. You should do family portraits there!