Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas from The Crew

What a glorious season it has been!  It certainly has been busy with friends, family, service, playing, working...  The list can just go on but in reality it has been a terrific season of celebration.  I am a religious woman- you know that (not too many ranchers are NOT). 

I take this time of year to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ because of the blessings that have come from His life.  Every day I am grateful for His birth, His life, and His death.  It has given me so much and everyday I strive to live in a way to thank Him. 

I have been blessed with a family- a wonderful, hard working husband, two happy and healthy kids, and a lifestyle that shows no bounds.  Every day we can connect with Him and, in His way, we work to serve people all over the world.

From all of us at the ranch, we want to say Merry Christmas!  Thank you for a fun year riding with the Eliasons! 

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