Monday, January 19, 2015

The Buckarette

Hello again...

I'm just going to jump in and pretend that it hasn't been forever since I have been here...

In fact, lets just pretend its August.  Yep, on this chilly January night I want you to pretend that its a blistering hot (I don't know that it ever gets THAT hot here, but for dramatic effect- it works nicely) summer day.  Say like August 2nd in fact.

Why August 2nd?

Because something awesome happened August 1st- I got a new sister in law!  I love all my sisters, in laws and outlaws.  Everyone of them brings their own awesome-ness to the table.  In our Eliason family, EVERY girl is celebrated.  For so long there was only The Cattlewoman, raising 5 cowboys without any female to stand strong with.  Even the dogs were all boys!  I guess if you wanted to get picky, there have been thousands of female cows go through, but they don't count... don't count AT ALL.

As the first of the married-in-daughters, I told everyone that it was my right and privilege to approve their choices for wives before the question was even popped.  Unfortunately, they didn't take me seriously and never asked if I was cool with their choices... But lucky for them they picked well.  So well, I don't know that I could have done any better.  The Cowpoke knew that any girl from Montana would fit in just right (history has proven that!) and now The Buckaroo has found himself a fine cowgirl of his own.  She isn't from Montana (but she does LOVE it) and that's ok because she more than makes up for it with her sweet cowgirl skills, mad basketball skills, and awesome baking skills.

I'll let The Buckaroo tell you how he wooed her so fast... that's an exciting story of its own... The only thing I'll divulge is that she was the perfect girl in his eyes- she could rope, rodeo, cook, and looked HOT.  But really, what else is there?!

I'd like to (finally...) introduce you to The Buckarette!  This girl was raised on the back of a horse and taught that she was the one that would get the work done.  Sound familiar?  Oh, ya.. like the rest of us.  There have been some great moments getting to know her over the last year.  Like when she came to the ranch for the first time for branding and out roped all of the boys.  Or when all she had for church shoes were her work boots and she didn't even bat an eye.  Or when she, repeatedly, made the blind steer walk into the barn (not like IN the barn like.. "bam!" INTO the barn).  Or when she nearly out shot all the boys when we pulled out the clay pigeons.

Yep, she's a girl after my own heart and I'm excited to share her story with ours too.  Of course you have already seen her here on The Blog, but she has officially been given a name- The Buckarette!


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