Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Muddy Morning on the Ranch

Are you tired of hearing about the weather? Everything we do goes back to the weather.  Too hot, too cold, too windy … Always something.  Not that I’m complaining, it’s just interesting what Mother Nature throws out there for us.
What’s our current weather issue?  If you can believe it, it’s the mud.  We are having splendidly warm temperatures and beautiful blue skies.  It’s so warm the ground isn’t really freezing.  Good or bad?  I dunno it just means that we sink down, down, down…  Deep down.  The warm weather in iteself isn’t too bad.  But the warm temps means that instead of getting snow we get rain.  Its been fabulous to have the rain.  We have loved the moisture… it’s the after math of the wonderful rain that is causing the problems. The ground has become so saturated (awesome!) that the rain doesn’t soak right in.  The puddles are lasting longer, the mud is soupier, and its actually running down the sides of the road.
Because I am the awesome wife that I am, I help feed cows whenever Rancher Sr. is gone (which has been more lately with Cowboy E’s crazy wrestling schedule).  With what has become the typical division of labor, I’m the one that gets to be out in the mud.  I open the gates, I cut the strings, I get to hang off the tractor and flipped in the mud.  Needless to say, I’m the one that goes home a complete mess.  What I do because I rock (just kidding)…
But really its ok, I’m over it.  We can handle the mud, the heaping stinking piles of poopy mud and the endless supply of mud following us where ever we go.  We can handle it because having the mud means that we do have rain and we do have warm weather.  Although its tough to deal with nows, we feel so blessed and watched over.  The rain is what we have been praying for for so long and its inspiring to see it finally come.  What better way to start the new year than to be in a muddy mess, blessed with rain?!

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