Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Feeding as a Family

Feeding- the pass time of winter.  If there is one thing you can guarantee we will be doing this time of year it is putting the hay out.  The tedious redundancy gets to The Rancher.  He just feels like it eats up his time, doing the same thing over and over.  Hmmm... He wouldn't make a good house wife (I'm pretty sure I have said that one before).  Having to cook and clean up after people over and over...  I'd love it if feeding only took two hours of my whole day.

Despite the fact that feed isn't The Rancher's favorite ranch chore, it may be one of mine.  Lately Rancher Sr. has been gone on the weekends quite a bit while he supports Cowboy E in his last season of wrestling.  That means that The Rancher either gets to feed on his own or I jump into help.  I LOVE any opportunity to prove to my cowboy that he needs me, so of course I head out to help him. Really its more than that- I love to get out on the ranch, love to drive through the cows to see how they are doing, and I love the photography moments I get.  But more than that I love being able to take the kids out with us and work together as a family.

Living and working on the ranch is so much more than a job to us.  There is no separation between home life and work.  Sometimes that has its problems, but there are way more blessings that come that makes it worth it. The best take home of all this for this ranch momma is the memories we are making every day.  I love looking into the tractor seeing The Ranch Princess jabbering to her daddy.  I see her getting excited at the cows, the horses, and the few baby calves.  I can just hear her saying, at the top of her lungs, "Look daddy!  COWS!!" (actually its more like wook daddy, tows... so cute!)  While we drive between fields The Rancher's Sidekick has picked up battling thumbs in an intense game of thumb war.  I'm pretty sure that he is cheating more and more each time, so maybe we should stop with that one...  He pals around with me on the 4 wheeler as we cut bale strings, begging to drive.  Even stomping the mice as they come out of the bales has become a fun memory!

Sure life on the ranch can be redudant.  Every year has the same seasons of calves, seasons of changing sprinklers, seasons of moving cows and seasons of working cows.  But the best part about life on the ranch is that we get to do it as a family and spice up the redudant moments by making memories.  We feed cows and enrich our souls.  That's what we did today!

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