Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mother Nature's Desert Treasures

The desert of Locomotive is a place of itself. It doesn't seem to follow any of Mother Nature's rules. It has it's own freak storms, crazy winds and weird weather. 

Today is the day we get to haul some of the cows to Locomotive to spend the next few month and I'm reminded again of some of the strange and cool things Mother Nature has put out there

Like some of the intense rock work out there. There are places where the wind gets whipping so hard it has carved around and through the rocks. Of courses that been over hundreds and hundreds and HUNDREDS of years. There's a small cliff (it can hardly be called a cliff... But for lack of abetter term... Meh...) that has a sorts if Who-Ville look to it. It has silly windows and what could look like odd doors. Splash a little paint on it and you would have jumped into Sr. Seuss' world!

This year we have had an incredible amount of juniper berries. Like loads and buckets and smatterings of berries. Why?  The old timers were telling us that it meant we would have a record snowfall and the trees were preparing for it. I don't know if that was right, since we have had like no snow, but maybe it was all the moisture last fall. Either way it's cool to see so many berries. 

One of my favorite oddities to check our is the wildfire aftermath. 50 Years ago (I'm totally guessing here) there were some crazy fires burning through these ceder hills. The fire must have burned hot and fast because it looks like they started  up on fire , burned out and just fell apart. I love the natural, abstract art Mother Nature made from it. 

We may be running on the desert- the dry barren desert.  But every once in a while we find our own little treasures, provided by Mother Nature herself. It's the desert's own kind of unique beauty. 

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