Friday, March 27, 2015

A Little Cattle Character

I like cows...  And I like them for more than eating.  I actually think they are really funny to watch.  They have their own funny quirks and personality.  I may humanize them a bit, ok a LOT bit.  But it keeps things interesting.

The Rancher probably thinks that I am crazy and he probably gets tired of my cow watching, but he just gets to deal with it.  I'm sure that he gets sick of me taking the cow's side when I say things like, "I wouldn't want to run if I was 9 months pregnant!" as he is chasing cows.  Or when he frustrated with a cow that just won't hold still as they preg check her, I tell him I wouldn't want someone's arm up my huh-huh and would DEFINITELY squirm.  I may even occasionally tell him he deserves some of the mean-mommy-attitude because he is messing with their babies and the inner momma bear just isn't ok with it. 

Having so many cows at home this winter has given me lots of subjects to watch.  They turn into a bunch of obsessive old ladies when it come to feeding time.  They have to be the first one to the hay and if another cow starts munching on the wrong flake they sure tell them.  They get to head buttin' and kickin' and eventually push them right out.  "You're outta the herd!"  You can hear them saying that, right?

The babies are their own kind of cute and fun when it comes to watching them.  The first attempts at getting up are so wobbly and even funny!  Is that mean of me?  (I'm sure someone laughed at me when I first started walking, so its all ok...)  It doesn't take long for those babies to get strong and fast and they race across the fields.  We'll be out feeding and you see dozens of calves just take off running.  Usually there is one old cow babysitting all those calves and she starts bellering (is that a word?) for them to come back... Darn kids...

I'm sure I give these critters more personality than they may have, but I love the bit of cattle character we see.  With so many of the blasted things around, why not change it up a little?

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