Monday, March 23, 2015

Test Day on the Ranch

Spring is in the air and we are doing spring things on the ranch.  Field work, taking care of new babies, semen testing bulls...

Oh, what?  Testing bulls isn't part of you think of spring time?  I know, I've been ruined...  Its funny the ways that ranch life has influenced my thinking.  But yes, when I think about testing bulls and going to bull sales, I feel like spring is in the air.

Testing bulls was as exciting as usual this year.  We teased Rancher Sr. about his fun running the torpedo and I took a look or two in the microscope.  This year we had Dr. Philip come out to do the testing.  The fun about this is that he was actually The Rancher's roommate from college.  That means I get to learn a little dirt on my cowboy.  I won't tell you those things... they aren't blog-o-sphere appropriate... Actually I'm sure that I would be dead if ever I mentioned those secrets from the Dr.

As weird as it may be, I love test day.  I love the medical side of ranching just as much as the daily chores.  There is so much that they are looking for when they test- how many swimmers there are in each squirt of semen and how many of those swimmers are good and viable.  They measure the scrotal circumference and of course test for Trich. 

What a wonderful spring day it was with the good folks from the Bear River Animal Hospital.  We heard some great stories, learned some new things and got some important work done.  Although, I guess it may be somewhat of an awkward day, at least for the man running the torpedo! 

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