Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Camping out on the Range to Catching Horses

We brand nearly every weekend of April, and sometimes that even runs into May.  With so many cattle spread so far across the range it takes several different days to gather up the cattle to get the work done.  The weekend we did so many calves at the ranch and then again at our private ground in Locomotive we still had the association branding to do the following day (Saturday).  Instead of driving back and forth so much we decided to just camp out.

We were full of adventurous expectations of shooting guns, riding bikes, and other exciting stuff (ok... so I can't remember all of the ideas we had but I know they were awesome!) but after two full days of branding we were pooped out.  That really meant all we had energy for was to sit and do nothing.  Everyone was pretty ok with that... Except there was one thing we all HAD to do.  Because although we were camping and roughing it, we did have one admit request of The Cattlewoman- we had to shower!  I don't blame her for not wanting a bunch of stinky cowboys and cowgirls in her trailer so we obliged.  And with so many to shower that pretty well filled our day.  We showered.  We ate.  We slept.  We talked.  It was great fun!

There was a teensy bit of excitement when some of the guys thought they should go hunting for the big rat in old shack.  Doesn't shooting at a rat in a dark shack in the dark of the night sound exciting to you.  Mind you that the shack would have fallen down at any time if they hit it in just the right spot... Boys...

The following morning we woke to a wonderful surprise- no wind!  That might not sound like such a big deal, but we had been hammered with the wind for days.  For just a moment we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunrise without any wind.

The Rancher Princess and I followed The Rancher out to catch horses for the days work.  The horses weren't really cooperating... they ran and ran and RAN!  Not the way The Rancher wanted to start his day but it made for a fun little photo shoot for me.

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