Sunday, May 10, 2015

Eliason Branding 2015 Day 1

This last week I had the scariest thing happen... I thought I lost my external hard drive!  It stores all of my photos and if it was gone I was gonna be in big trouble.  And heartbroken.  Mostly heartbroken. 

But I found it!!  This means I can finally share the many MANY more pictures I have.

Today's tale and pictures to post- our branding!

With having so many cows at home to calve, we had so many calves to brand here on the ranch.  We made a weekend of it, inviting cowboys and cowgirls out to help.  Day one consisted of all the calves on the ranch- two heifer groups and 3 cow groups.  The nice about when we did these was that they had already been tagged, castrated and given one shot.  We sailed through these calves!  For most of the day I was giving shots on my own and I could barely keep up!  It also meant that there wasn't a lot of down time to take pictures.  So not a lot of day one... Mostly a shot here and there between groups, set up, clean up...  But stay tuned for day two!

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