Friday, May 15, 2015

Eliason Branding 2015 Day 2

I love rainy days!  For so many reasons... Of course because we need the rain- we need the rain SO badly.  But I love the rain because then we slow down a bit and I have time to go through the HUNDREDS of pictures that are calling to me.  So... without any further time... here are some long overdue pictures.  Pictures from our second day of branding.

There's a funny story that goes along with this day...

Since we were branding out on the range and camping out that night we had a lot to take out and a lot of rigs hauling it all.  We all eventually make it and get to starting.  The early comers had already started gathering the cattle in so the late arrivers started pulling out the equipments.  We think, "everything looks good..."  We have half the cows we usually have to do, all day to do them, and lots of good help.  This should be a great day!

The herd comes in, the cows go back out and we get the fire started.  The Rancher and Rancher Sr. start pulling out all the stuff that they carry around and need for each calf.  They sharpen their knives, I fill their syringes, they grab their taggers and tags... No tags!  We had no tags!  (actually we had like 22, maybe- but still not enough!)  Kinda an important part of the day! 

We just kinda twiddled our thumbs about it and got started anyway.  But uh... no tags, fellas!  Eventually we decided that we would tag all that we could and kick them back out to the mommas.  Then we branded, vaccinated, castrated, marked- did EVERYTHING except the tags, to the rest of the calves.  We held them all until had more tags, which only happened because The Ranch Boss had graciously volunteered to drive home to grab tags to save the day!

The cowboys didn't mind too much that we had a kink in our day.  It meant that we weren't pushing too hard, which gave them a chance to do a little extra fun roping.  They pulled out their fancy big loops once in a while and headed and heeled a satisfying amount.  We got the work done, ate some good grub and marked another day down in the books!

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