Sunday, August 2, 2015

Trucking Cows for a Day

I've never been one to love the life of a trucker, not to mention be married to one. The long days if driving and being away from home just don't appeal to me. I love a good vacation, but a slow noisy semi truck is no vacation.

But on occasion, I do LOVE to tag along with The Rancher to haul cows. We have a semi and bull wagon for our personal use mostly. But we do hire out for custom cattle hauling when called upon. It's not a lot, just enough for us to make a little income to keep the semi maintained. My favorite drive is hauling cows up and down Logan Canyon. We start it good ol' Park Valley- dry deserty area with only sage brush to call trees. Then cross down into the beautiful Cache Valley to drop off our load. The trees and water and mountains and cliffs and flowers are breathtaking! The lush green in the summer turns to vivid orange and yellows in the fall. I'm almost salivating just reminiscing of it's beauty. 

We just dropped off our first load of cows  of many loads to come. I'll admit it was a long day, but still great. This momma had to get up at 4:30 am to get all the snacks and clothes and you tractors necessary for a small ranch family to play in a semi all day. It got to be an even longer day when the ranch wasn't quite ready to load up as we got there. They were still vaccinating calves which meant lots of sorts and moving groups of cows around... I could have slept in my on bed another two hours if we had only known! But I did get some much needed paper work done while we waited do I can't complain too much. 

I have to laugh a little st what it takes to get into the area where we dump the cows out. The turn off is so tight thst we have to go up passed it and turn around ;which involves crossing the highway blocking traffic, to only stop part way across the highway to back up so we can sneak by the skin of our teeth to get all turned around. I held my breath but apparently to The Rancher it was no big deal.) to make it in. It's actually at s camping/ hiking parking area that they have to close off so they can get in and out. It's so small if an area that only two semis can be in there at a tune, so you can guess how a bunch of extra cars in the way would really foul things up.  Once they actually hooked up a truck and horse trailer to a parked truck to take it out of the way. I doubt that hiker was very pleased to come back to see his truck NOT where he left it.

Still, all good and fun. We drove, we enjoyed the sites and I stole just a minute for some photos (it really was just a minute because between the time for my potty break and diaper duty, it's all I had before we were unloaded and on the road again.)!

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