Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Family Cattledrive

Oh boy was this a crazy summer!  With all the ropings, family events, community activities, and building a house we were running in every direction.  To help things out, the cows decided they didn't need much moving for the summer.  For real… Between the field rotation we were on and the rains it seemed we hardly had to move the cows.  The unfortunate thing about that was that I didn't have many opportunities to ride with the guys or take any photos.  

On the one chance I had to saddle up, the whole family got to tag along.  We really weren't even moving to new field, just pushing the cows to a different trough.  So even though it wasn't too much of a ride, it was perfectly short enough that we knew they would last and have a great time.  We have my old horse from when I was a kid that The Rancher's Sidekick has claimed.  And the Ranch Princess bounced around between me, Rancher Sr., Cowboy E, and The Rancher.  It might not have been much, but we made a few good memories.

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