Monday, December 7, 2015

Expanding the Herd

With all the preg checking done with for the fall, we look to be having a great calf crop on its way.  The heifers are set to begin dropping calves towards the end of February and the cows to start shortly after that.  As always, March will be a busy month for us, but that’s ok… Springtime babies are so fun!

The cows won't be the only ones to expand their herd in 2016.  You guessed it- our little ranch family is expanding by one!  As any good ranch wife would, I'm due to calve right with all the other cows the beginning of March.  The Rancher has already said that it will work out great to check the cows and check me all at the same time.  That comment only got him a swift kick in the pants!

We are delighted to have a another little cowBOY on the way, something that The Rancher's Sidekick has known from the beginning.  Before we even knew pink or blue he was telling everyone that he was going to have a new baby brother.  The Ranch Princess is loving the prospect of a baby around the house and tells me everyday that my tummy is getting BIG.  Thanks…. The Rancher is excited too, but I see it only through his comments of me being in good shape for calving or that he will be sure to bring the chains along the way to the hospital, just in case.  And of course I am excited, and terrified all at the same time.  What if The Rancher is in the middle of pulling a calf when I need to go?  Who is going to do night calving while we are at the hospital?  What if he gets stuck in Locomotive were I can't call him?  Ya know, normal pregnant wife concerns…. When I try to get some answers out of my cowboy, he just says that I don't really need him anyway and it will all work out. 

He is right, it will all work out… Somehow it will all workout…


  1. Wonderful news. Congratulations! I know my mum managed with the four of us despite Dad being away a lot of the time. And try not to imagine having the new munchkin with the aid of the pulling tackle [shudder]. I long ago decided that when my daughters get to be about 13 I'm going to arrange for them to help pull a couple of calves. Pretty sure that'll put them off motherhood for at least a decade!

    1. Thanks, Stephen! We are excited and just figure we will keep rolling with the punches!