Sunday, January 24, 2016

My New Wish- Cows vs. Snowmobiles

One of my favorite things about where we ranch is that we get all four seasons.  Granted, I do wish we had more trees to make the season changes more dramatic, but still... the differences are still there.  I love the fresh green-ness of spring and when it rolls into summer and its fresh wild flowers.  Fall always has breathtaking oranges, reds, and yellows and winter has its peaceful snow, giving everything a new start.

And with the changes of the seasons throughout the year, I get to capture something new.  For a long time now I have been itching for some good winter photos.  Last year we had only one storm roll through, and if you remember, my picture mostly consisted of us feeding in the mud.  Yes, I guess we can call it a different season, but it wasn't all that picturesque.  So you can see how I was itching for a good storm to come in and give me a fresh new scene.  You can also see just how excited I was when the snow to finally came!  And not only did I have the snow to shoot, but there was so much snow it meant we could pull out the snowmobiles- something I haven't EVER put on the blog!

Ok, snowmobiles are ordinary and nothing that special, but it was a fun new opportunity to get creative.  Especially when I heard the boys saying that they were heading up in the hills on the sleds to find a few cows.  Generally, once the cold sets in and the snow starts to fly, the cows in mountain ranges wander down to the ranch and within a couple of days the herd is home.  Except when they don't all come down.  Then we get to see where they have hulled up...

I quickly volunteered myself to help in the work that day!  I was having fun just picturing the cowboys moving cows, not on horses or 4 wheelers or motorbikes but on snowmobiles!  I mean cows have been around FOREVER and to have such a modern means for getting the work done (for real... what contrast!!) just had me eating up the opportunity!

In some ways it was everything I expected- breathtaking sights as we looked over the mountains and valleys of our land.  I LOVED taking it all in.  But the scenes I was hoping to see never came because we never found the cows!  We rode all over looking for cows and didn't see even a trace of them.  We found where a herd of deer had bedded down and we ran across a moose, but no cows.  I was a little worried... until we later learned that they had come down a different way then what we had been expecting and checking.  Glad they were all ok but I have to admit I was slightly disappointed...

But even if I didn't get the cow vs. snowmobile photos like I had wanted, we had a great time as a family and I did capture new memories that are in reality, way more important.  You see, if I want to go it usually means that the kids get to go to, which isn't a bad thing at all.  It just makes for a little more work and a little more worrying for this momma.  What if they get bored and just want to go home?  What if they get cold and miserable so far from home?  What if...

As usual my worrying was all for nothing because my kids LOVED it!  The Ranch Princess loved it so much she fell asleep (I promise, her falling asleep is a compliment! Oh, and ps- it is so hard to drive a snowmobile while holding a sleeping baby... And to take pictures...  Just saying...).  The Rancher's Sidekick kept asking to go faster and FASTER and want even BIGGER jumps.  And even when dad had to leave us for a minute, they loved just playing in the snow.  The only moment that was that was less than fun was when The Ranch Princess and I tipped over.  A sleeping baby and a big pregnant belly trying to make a turn just didn't happen...  Don't worry, it all happened very slowly and softly so nothing was hurt but my pride.

Maybe with the way this winter is shaping up I will get another chance for my ranch snowmobile pictures (maybe I can even convince them to try a little roping for a fun photo shoot!).  And even if it doesn't I think we can be satisfied with the fun new memories we made anyway!

But I'm still crossing my fingers!


  1. Agree! Time with the kids is way much better than clicking away at snowmobiles chasing after cows...although that would have been a very interesting sight. Hope you get those photos next time.

  2. Love it - I bet the kids had a ball! Looking forward to seeing the cows vs snowmobiles shots if things work out that way :)