Tuesday, April 5, 2016

An Oldie, but a Goodie- Tagging Calves

In some ways our ranching life can be pretty predictable.  You can always know that in the summer we are haying and moving cows, the fall we are weaning and preg checking, April is branding and November we shipping calves.  We might not know what we are doing tomorrow but I can tell you what will be going down six months from now.  So it’s no surprise for me to put up a post about getting out and tagging with The Rancher.

Even though we do this every year, the fun and excitement never goes away!  We all love to see to the cute new babies, especially the little, little ones.  The kids like to get out and help dad tag as they can use it as an opportunity to practice their roping skills.  I have to hand it to them, it’s a pretty good idea to go for the brand new babies because they are slow enough and have no idea what’s coming that the kids catch one every once in a while!  I really get a kick out of the older calves giving The Rancher a run for his money as he chases them down to get them tagged.  He just blames his slow-ness on my great cooking.  And sometimes I chuckle when there is a testy momma that makes the boys run for the 4wheeler (I only chuckle after I know they are ok… I promise… ).  Ya know, it’s those little things that make it fun for us.

Unfortunately, having a baby mid-calving season means that I haven’t been out to help as much as I would like.  Being sidelined to recoup from giving birth has kept me in more than I would like (because I am a girl that doesn’t like to be kept in!) but a little tagging or checking cows here and there certainly helps with the cabin fever.  The camera has made the outing even less thin I, but we still have a few fun shots!

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