Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Family That Brands Together, Stays Together

I've been feeling somewhat emotional about family this week.  It could be leftover mushy feelings from Mother's Day extra stirred up from all those post-partum hormones flowing through my veins and totally exaggerated from looking at all these photos of my favorite people.. but I dunno.  Regardless of the why, I have a mega-sized dose of love for family and all I keep thinking is, "I love my life!"

Seriously, how often do families get days like these?  How many times do you have a chance to take your kids to work?  It happens pretty much daily around here.  How often do you see three generations of men working together?  Yep, every day.  We are pretty lucky that even the brothers come around the ranch often.  And when I say often I mean, like, weekly!  I know guys that would give anything to be able to work with their dad and brothers like these boys get to.  Of course, the fun doesn't stop there- we have sisters-in-law that love this life too and that, my friends, is no easy feat.  Honestly, its hard enough for brothers to marry wives that like each other, but then to find wives that love ranching and cowboying too?!  Good work boys... Good work!

We all have varying jobs at what we do to help or entertain, but no one is sitting around. Some come packing the camera and some bring the cinnamon rolls (thanks to The Cattlewoman, for sure!).  The kids are always elbow deep in the work (sometimes making more work for the rest of us, but at least they are out there wanting and willing to work!)  Some live the dream life on the back of the horse and some do the dirty grunt work.  Even if you think that you are just going to spectate, crazy things happen to get you moving.

Check this out.  Quick story time-  The Buckarette...  This girl was 39 weeks pregnant on this fine day of branding (which is why there isn't a SINGLE picture of her... hmmm...)  She came out planning to just sit on the back of the truck and, ya know, just take it easy.  Then she starts holding the calves back and helping sort out the already branded calves.   Then she starts helping with shots (which is admirable in itself because that meant bending over and if you know pregnant ladies, that gets a little difficult when you are growing a human being in your middle!).  And then she suddenly swings her way up on the horse to get out and rope!  We teased her that she had better be careful where she dallied because her belly was a little close to the horn.  She got up there, turned her horse to the calves and before you knew it, she was back dragging one in.  She gets extra kuddos in my book because it had been a good long while since she had roped and she was as smooth as ever.  Honestly, we should have had her out roping lots earlier because she caught every calf she swung at!  She told us that she as only going to rope one, but once she got started, we couldn't stop her.  Ok, not really... but she did have her good handful of them.

Anyone can tell you, working as families can be rough.  One person wants something done one way and someone another, and some crazy fight ensues.  One person feels like they are doing all the work while the others get the benefits.  One suddenly thinks they are the boss and the others stop working dead in their tracks.  It can really happen...  But I don't think feelings like these have ever come up around here (I'm crossing my fingers that even though I am saying it out loud, nothing changes...).  Sure we have our moments of frustration or disagreement but I have never seen an operation run so smoothly.  Family comes first and with that, everyone works together towards a common goal that brings us together.  At the end of the day, we are all apart of making Eliason Livestock successful and sustainable.  More importantly we are apart of a family legacy, building from our heritage something for the future that we can all be proud of.  

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