Monday, January 16, 2017

Christmas Sledding, Mackay Style

Its winter here.  Full blown winter.  It has been cold.  Not as cold as some places, but there is a point that cold is just cold.  But its not just the cold that has us knee deep in winter, its the snow.  SO MUCH SNOW!  Like, now that it has settled and been rained on, we are down to about 2 feet.

Yep.  Full blown winter.
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But that's mostly ok because we really need the moisture and this is the slow time of year anyway.  So except for the super, SUPER cold days, we are loving winter.  The Rancher takes every chance to go coyote and bunny hunting, snowmobiling, and the kids and I pull out the tubes and sleds every chance we get.  We have had snowball fights and built snowmen.  We have made snow forts and even had a herd of snow angels until they were snowed on again.

Its been lots of fun.  Most of the time I'm too busy being the mom immersed in the fun to take a step back to take any pictures (which I need to do for posterity's sake) but I do have some awesome stories and pictures from sledding over Christmas break while we were in Montana with the cousins.

Even though the temperatures were hovering just about zero (when you were OUT of the wind) we thought we would pull out the sleds and four wheeler and have a go.  Because it had been so cold, the snow was really fine and powdery, even though it was nearing a foot deep. That meant snow was flying everywhere!  Spraying in our faces, going down coats and shirts.  So cold!  Most of the littles only lasted a few minutes outside, and I don't blame them.  At the end there was only a handful of the big kids and then the even bigger kids, aka- the parents!  

And that's when one of my brother's had the idea to build a jump.  He's an engineer so of course he figured out the math to make it a pretty awesome jump.  He figured the perfect spot on the downhill side, coming off the corner so that we would have the most momentum swinging around as we hit the jump.  After just a few runs I had to grab the camera to settle in to catch it all.  But that might have gotten me in a little trouble when the mom's looked at just exactly what we were doing!

Have a look!

The super fine powder was everywhere when they would fly through the snow.  And I'll admit, I got a little excited with it being backlit...

These kids would FLY through the air when they hit the jump!  Their feet would be above their heads as they sailed above the fence.  It was a pretty crazy site.

When I took a turn on the tube, my sister grabbed the camera and caught a few of me and my brother.  We went as hard and as fast as we could and didn't come off.  But to save ourselves we had to let go so we didn't run into the parked car at the bottom of the hill!

You can't really tell, but this is my brother and his son.  They were riding side by side, but about this time, my brother ended up on top of his boy and then....

... they landed the jump like this!  It sorta looks like a bomb went off here...  So cool!

 I still stand by what I've said so many times in the past, ranchers are boys that just couldn't stop playing... Now they have bigger toys and even more fun! 

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