Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Growing a Kid Crop, Growing a Calf Crop

2016 will go down as a big year for The Rancher’s Sidekick. It’s amazing how fast kids can learn and grow and change.  This boy went from baby to a boy overnight.  I know, that’s not how it actually happens , but when you are the momma you just can’t let your oldest grow up.  But then one day you wake up and he is going to school and totally ok without you.  And then he comes home from school and he can read and write and likes girls and he just isn’t the same kid you sent out the door.  
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Obviously school wasn’t the only place he was growing up on me but at home and on the ranch too.  Can I just say how amazing it is to finally have a kid that can help out around the house?!  My kids have doing chores and helping since they were little (in our house everyone helps in the home and on the ranch as soon as they can walk… not really, but young… I believe in teaching my kids how to work).  But The Rancher’s Sidekick can actually really help now.  Like do a job on his own.  And not like the I’m-doing-my-chores-but-mom-really-does-all-the-work-because-I’m-too-little-to-do-a-good-job kind of on his own. 

Can you tell I’m pumped?

This may be as freeing as potty training!

Ok, I may be dramatizing things a bit, but it’s so nice to have him growing up and able to have a little responsibility and him handling it so well. Proud momma here.

And then there’s the growth he’s had on the ranch.  There’s a reason I call him the sidekick because he goes everywhere with his dad.  In fact, this last summer, he would wake up early to make sure that he wouldn’t get left behind.  There were very few day that he didn’t go about to work with The Rancher and stay out there all day.  And he wasn’t just a tag along but actually helped get the work done.  I couldn’t believe the stories he would come home telling about his adventures throughout the day.  In fact, I would sit there, eyebrows raised at The Rancher, when I would hear about how he had pushed the cows all alone out on the range.  It seems just like yesterday I would have to go with him if he wanted to ride and now all of the sudden he isn’t just riding by himself but pushing his own herd of cows!  Of course, The Rancher would smile and beam with pride at his growing boy and slowly my heart would slow down and I could see that our boy really was growing up and he is becoming someone I am so proud of. 

Now, it complete transparency, he is still a typical little boy that is currently in big trouble for not listening to his momma.  And he absolutely drive me crazy with all the boy noises, farting, burping, and how he torments his sister.  But, as we are all a work in progress, I can’t help but be so pleased with his progress. 

Ya know, on the ranch we are all about growth- we’ve gotta get out calf crop BIG.  We select genetics to grow big calves and to have cows that milk well to grow big calves. We have genetics to have calves that grow big out on the range and desert and genetics to have low birthweight calves that will gain fast.  We supplement our cattle with protein and mineral to help with nutrition to grow big calves…. Its all about growing big calves!  At home we are worried about growth too, but less about physical growth and more about what kind of people our kid crop is becoming.  We want to see them grow into hard working, responsible, caring, and committed people.  We want them to grow into people that

So far, I think we are doing pretty ok!

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