Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Feeding Frosty Cows

Did you read the title and let your eyes roll back because its another post about feeding cows?  It is that time of year, ya know...  But don't worry.  I knew you would be tired of the same (awesome) ramblings of feeding hungry cows with my crazy crew.

So I did a little something different.  For your benefit and mine.

Since I had The Rancher corner, I though I would take the opportunity to do a little Q&A with him.  Its good for you because its something new for you to read.  And you get to know him a little better, and everyone wants to know The Rancher a little better.  The upside for me, is that I have an intentional conversation with an adult.  Being the CEO of this ranch house full of little people can be lacking with adult conversation.  Oh, that's starting to show?  Oops!

So for the next few hours, in between me jumping out of the tractor to open and close gates and cut the wrap off of the bales, and juggling the baby and big sister, I asked him some stimulating questions.

Here goes...

About that Super Bowl...
Me:  So what do you think about the Super Bowl coming up?  It's this Sunday, right?(I'm super up to date with what's happening in the world right now...HA!)

Him:  Well... (long pause)... Since I'm so into football... It should be good.  But you know me... I'm really just in it for the commercials and food.  And the commercials haven't been that good lately, so I'm really just there for the food.

Me:  Right... So what food should we have?

Him:  I dunno.  Something good.  (This is the conversation we have every day when I ask him what he wants for dinner.  He's so much help...)

"We feed cows..."
Me:  So tell me about feeding cows.

Him:  We feed cows.

Me: ... Yes... I know that.  How much?  How much have you already fed this year?  How long will this feed last?

Him:  Well, we have fed at least that stack... We figure that we have enough hay to feed 20 bales of hay for 40 days.

Me: Oh... That's not enough, is it?

Him:  Nope.  Having to feed cows in Locomotive has thrown a wrench in things this year.

Me:  So we feed 5 bales to the cows on the pivot pasture, 6 to the cows at the feed yard, 1 to the bulls, and 1 to the horses, old cows, and whatever is in the corral by the barn... and 5 to Locomotive.  So... I guess we need to buy more hay...

Him:  Yep...

Ranch faves
Me: So, what is your favorite thing to do on the ranch?

Him:  I dunno...(its his favorite phrase...)

Me:  Well, what is your least favorite thing to do?

Him:  Feed cows.

Me: Oh. (Hmmm, do you not like it because that is like all you are doing right now?)  So what is your next least favorite thing to do?

Him:  Fix fence.

Me:  Oh. (That one actually surprised me... I thought he liked it more.)  And then what is your next least favorite thing?

Him:  Changing water.

Me:  What's the next?

Him:  Checking water.

Me:  You don't like the things that you have to do over and over again, do you?  You wouldn't make a good mom.  That's kinda all I do.   So what's your next least favorite thing?

Him:  I dunno... I guess I like all the rest just fine.  But it all depends on the day.

Me:  Yes, moving cows when the sun is shining and the cows are moving good is a way better day than a blizzard when you are working cows through the chute.

Him: (Nod... Silence... conversation... OVER)

Baby driver
Me:  He (the baby) is in his favorite place- at the steering wheel.  That makes you the coolest dad for letting him be there.

Him:  Yep... (he's big on words...)

Me:  Aren't you glad we have him?

Him:  Yep.  I guess we will keep him.

Me: Are you ready for the next one?

Him: (silence... stink eye...)  NOPE. (silence... conversation over...)

You can see that riding with The Rancher is GREAT conversation.  To his credit, he is sick (currently fevering and sleeping on the couch) and since talking when he is feeling great gives limited conversation, I really should expect less when he is feeling crappy.  But even sick, he's still great, don't ya think?!

Until next time, Friends!

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  1. These are great pictures! Shipping day is the best day of the year!!