Friday, March 17, 2017

Weekends at Locomotive

One of my weekend highlights is always heading down to Locomotive.  There is something about the wide open and empty range that soothes my soul.  And maybe its just because I love getting away from the house work and cleaning, but I'm pretty sure its more than that.

Working down to Locomotive isn't anything crazy exciting.  We all pile in the gator and drive around checking the water and cows.  We tag a few calves here and there and we make sure every baby has a mama.  Until the snow melted, we took some time to dump a little hay around.  Every once in a while we find a baby that has been abandoned, usually they were a twin, and we bring them home to the ranch with us.  After we give everything a good once over, we load up and head home.

See?  Nothing crazy.  But I love it!

I love it when my kids get to spend time with their dad.  What better way to learn how to be a rancher than to see their hero do it.  They ak question, jump in to help, and soak it all in.  Its a chance that they have to disconnect from the world that is happening around them.  Even as little as they are, they can still get sucked into the tv and computer and what not.  But when they are out on the range, they are in a whole different world of their own making.  In seconds they can find adventure.

I love it that we can go somewhere and its almost like time stops.  The rush and hustle of life just disappears.  That is something precious when you are a mom that lives by a never ending to-do list that keeps you hopping from job to the next.  Somehow, the list doesn't matter out there.

I love it because we can just be ourselves.  There is no judging that I didn't put makeup on that day.  In fact, if I did, it would only get covered with the layers of dust so no one would see it anyway!  The cows don't care what clothes you wear.  They don't care how rambunctious and rowdy the kids are.  We can just rock it how we like to!

Everyone needs a place like Locomotive.  Somewhere that they feel safe and at peace and totally confident.  Somewhere that provides a little perspective when we get so consumed with what keeps us going from day to day.  Somewhere that when we go home, we feel a little stronger and ready to take life on again.  

In this crazy world, that can be hard to find.

Where is your "Locomotive"?

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