About The Rancher's Wife

Hey friends!  Thanks for hanging out with The Rancher's Wife!
You guessed it- I’m a rancher’s wife, or a rancher wife, whichever you prefer… For me it depends on the day but really I am both.  There are days that I get to be working beside my cowboy and then there are days that I support my husband from home.  I was raised on a Montana ranch and fell in love with everything about it.  I knew that I wanted this lifestyle forever! 

And I was lucky enough to my dream cowboy!  My husband is a hard working man that gets to do the thing he loves the most every day- RANCH.  And I love it almost as much as he does (I say almost because I don’t know that there is anyone that loves living in the middle of nowhere and spending all their time with cows  as much as he does!).
We have two kids that live for the ranch.  Some of the first words they ever spoke were "moo" and "cow".  I've learned that the only stores I need to go toy shopping at are the “cowboy stores”.  This mamma gets scared when they learn so young how to start the 4 wheeler.  Dad usually has to sneak out of the house to avoid the heartbreak they have when they are told they can’t go.  They are true ranch kids!

I've learned that I am passionate about sharing the ranch nearly as much as I am about living it.  If you have ever wondered where the beef you are feeding your families comes from, here is a face and a family to connect with.  We care about the land, our cattle, and feeding families around the world! 
So whenever I get the chance I load up kids, grab my camera and play on the ranch with my cowboy.   

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